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Nicole Kidman confessed that she wanted to date Jimmy Fallon, but he never noticed: “I thought there was no chemistry”

Nicole Kidman is one of the most talented actresses of her generation with memorable performances ranging from Eyes Wide Shut, The Interpreter, The Others, Moulin Rouge and the series of HBO, Big Little Lies, among many others. This Sunday he turned 54 and, a few hours ago, an interview with the American presenter went viral Jimmy Fallon.

There the Australian actress confesses that, several years ago, she was attracted to him, but he never realized it. So the users reminded him on social networks of the most comical and uncomfortable round trip he had to experience in a report of his own late night show. Find out here all the details.

The day Nicole Kidman confessed to Jimmy Fallon that she was interested in him

The interview took place in January 2015, more than 6 years ago. However, from the official account of the program, they decided to remember the embarrassing moment and it was the perfect excuse for users to also refloat the episode on social networks. The host begins the report as with any actor, giving Nicole the foot to tell what had happened when they met for the first time.

Yes, you have your version. What I remember is that I liked you. Not now. Now, I’m married, “the actress began to the surprise of the presenter. And continued:” Rick, a mutual friend, told me that you wanted to meet me, you can go to his apartment and, well, I was single. And I said ‘okay, great’ “.

“Wait what, how?” Fallon said, apparently not knowing how things had turned out before the match. “Well, and we saw each other,” continued the protagonist of The Undoing. “You were wearing a baseball cap and you didn’t want to talk. You didn’t say anything. You were ‘Mmm, mmm’. And then I think you put on a video game or something. It was really bad. And after an hour and a half, I figured it wasn’t. you had no interest. Okay, no chemistry, I told myself. And then I thought, ‘maybe he’s gay’ “, finished the actress before an audience that could not stop laughing.

How could not Otherwise, the video went viral and generated all kinds of comments from users. “Men (never) understanding hints”, “I can already say that I have things in common with Jimmy Fallon”, “Inside Jimmy Fallon when he remembered that he could not go out with Nicole Kidman because he did not understand a hint”, were some tweets from netizens.

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