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Nicole Kidman’s Unexpected Journey: From One Actor to Another when She Met Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman’s Past Relationship with Marcus Graham

Before Nicole Kidman was involved with her first husband in Hollywood, she had a two-year relationship with interpreter Marcus Graham. This love affair took place in her early twenties, while she was still living in Australia.

Meeting Tom Cruise on the Set of ‘Days of Thunder’

In 1989, Nicole Kidman ended her relationship with Marcus after falling in love with Tom Cruise, her co-star in the movie ‘Days of Thunder’. Marcus understood that this was an incredible opportunity for Nicole and was supportive of her decision. He acknowledged that any ambitious person in their early twenties would have made the same choice.

Reflections on Their Past Relationship

Marcus holds no grudges against Nicole and has only positive things to say about her. With the perspective of time, he realizes that it would have been selfish of him to hold her back in Australia. In a recent interview with Woman’s Day, he expressed his understanding and growth from the experience.

Nicole Kidman’s Marriage to Tom Cruise

Nicole and Tom married a year after meeting on set. They adopted two children together but eventually separated in 2001.

Nicole Kidman’s Current Marriage and Marcus Graham’s Love Life

Despite their separation, Nicole has found romantic success as she is currently married to musician Keith Urban and they have two daughters together. On the other hand, Marcus is still single after having had relationships with other celebrities from Australia. However, he remains hopeful of finding true love one day.

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