Nicolle Wallace: A Multi-Talented Force in Media and Politics

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Nicolle Wallace

Certified multi-hyphenate woman, Nicolle Wallace. The former director of White House communications (under George W. Bush’s presidency) has also hosted The View, authored several books, worked as a senior adviser on John McCain’s 2008 campaign and done other things.

Nicolle Wallace now hosts the Deadline: White House program on MSNBC. Does Nicolle have any spare time at all with her hectic schedule for a personal life?

Yes! In reality, they were married earlier this year. You might wonder who Nicolle Wallace’s husband is. This is what we do know. 

Nicolle Wallace’s Husband 

The romance between Nicolle and Michael Schmidt sounds like it belongs in a sweet rom-com. According to PageSix, the pair reportedly started dating after Michael appeared as a guest on Deadline: White House sometime in 2019.

In April 2022, they exchanged vows in a private ceremony before their loved ones. So who exactly is Michael Schmidt?

Michael is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who broke multiple significant news stories, such as the information regarding the numerous allegations of sexual assault against former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly (that was the article that won him the Pulitzer). He contributes to NBC and MSNBC as well as the New York Times, which is how he first appeared on Deadline: White House. 

Nicolle Wallace’s Ex-Husband  

Nicolle previously wed Mark Wallace in 2005, and they were married in 2019. Like Nicolle, Mark held several posts throughout the George W. Bush administration. When he served as the United States ambassador to the UN for UN Management and Reform, Mark had one of his most famous posts during that administration. Senior counselor to the McCain 2008 campaign was Nicolle’s spouse.

Mark is a lawyer and a businessman.

We now understand your thoughts. Nicolle and Mark separated after a 14-year marriage for what reason? According to PageSix, no more information was provided on the Nicolle and Mark divorce other than that they were divorcing. Liam is the name of the son Mark and Nicolle share. 

Educational Background 

The writer and host of the television show graduated in 1990 from Miramonte High School. She subsequently made her way to Berkeley, California’s University of California. She completed her studies for a Master of Arts in mass communications in 1994.

Subsequently, she enrolled at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University to pursue a master’s degree. She earned a degree in 1996. 


The television host began her career as an on-air reporter located in California after completing her education. Afterward, she entered politics and moved to Florida to serve as Jeb Bush’s press secretary. 

She was appointed the Florida State Technology Office’s communications director in 2000. Later on, she joined the White House staff. Throughout George Bush’s first presidency, she served as the director of media affairs and special assistant to the president. 

She also served as Bush’s communications director while he ran for president in 2004. Bush appointed her White House Communications Director at the beginning of 2005.

She departed the White House in July 2006 and relocated to New York City to be with her husband. Her husband was then a United Nations representative for the Bush Administration. She served as John McCain’s principal advisor during the 2008 presidential campaign. 


One of the best-selling authors in America is a journalist. She penned the book Eighteen Acres in 2010. The plot of the fictional book centres on three accomplished women at the pinnacle of their fields.

She released It’s Classified, the sequel to Eighteen Acres, the following year. In the made-up book, a mentally ill vice presidential candidate causes problems for a presidential campaign. She released her third book, Madam President, in 2015.

Television Career 

The author joined the network as Rosie Perez’s co-host of The View, ABC revealed in early September 2014. She appeared on screen for the first time a few days later during the show’s 18th season. After the season, she quit the show.

After that, she started working as a political commentator for NBC News and its cable channel MSNBC. She has made guest or co-host appearances on a variety of network programs. They include The 11th Hour and NBC’s Today Show.

The television host provided live coverage of the election results in November 2016. Today, where is Nicolle Wallace? She has faithfully served as the host of MSNBC’s Deadline: White House since May 2017.

How Old Is Nicole Wallace?

On February 4, 1972, Nicole was born in Orange County, California—50 years old Nicole. Nicole’s real name is Nicolle Devenish. She was raised in the Northern California town of Orinda, home to the Bay Area, as the oldest of four siblings. Nicole’s mother worked as a teacher’s assistant in public schools in the third grade. 

The father of Nicole was an antique dealer. Her grandpa, Thomas Devenish, worked as an antique dealer for “Devenish and Company” in Manhattan. Her grandfather was a vaudevillian who was born in England. In 1947, their family emigrated to the US. Nicole Wallace also has a Greek heritage. 

Nicolle Wallace’s Height and Weight 

The novelist and television host is 168 centimetres tall at 5’6″ and weighs roughly 143 pounds. She has brown eyes and light brown hair. 

Nicole Wallace’s Net Worth

Nicole Wallace has a $3 million net worth. Throughout George W. Bush’s presidency, Nicole worked as the director of communications for the White House. Throughout his 2004 reelection campaign, she held that position.

She additionally worked as John McCain’s 2008 campaign’s top advisor. She is also the author of the modern political novels Eighteen Acres, It’s Classified, and Madam President, in addition to her work as a journalist. 


American television host Nicolle Wallace also writes books. She gained notoriety as the host of the MSNBC political news program Deadline: White House. She has also served as a co-host of The View, an ABC daytime talk show. 

She is a regular on-air contributor to Today, The 11th Hour, Stephanie Ruhle, and Morning Joe as a political analyst for NBC and MSNBC News. Nicolle Wallace is a diligent television host who has warmed her way into the hearts of many with her boldness and expressiveness. 

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