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Niecy Nash-Betts on Travis Kelce’s Acting in ‘Grotesquerie’

Niecy Nash-Betts on Travis Kelce’s Acting in ‘Grotesquerie’

Niecy Nash-Betts has been a stalwart in the acting industry for nearly three decades, so her insights carry weight. When she shared her views on Travis Kelce’s acting abilities, everyone listened.

Kelce has landed a significant role opposite Nash-Betts in Ryan Murphy’s new FX horror series, “Grotesquerie,” marking his first major foray into acting. How did he fare?

“You know what, I’m pleasantly surprised,” Nash-Betts revealed to Entertainment Tonight. “He’s doing really well.”

Nash-Betts, at 54, assumed the role of mentor to the Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end, describing the behind-the-scenes environment as surprisingly relaxed and informal. Rehearsals, she said, often involved them “just sitting around eating In-N-Out reading words off a piece of paper.”

When asked whether conversations drifted towards Kelce’s high-profile relationship with pop star Taylor Swift, Nash-Betts chose to remain discreet. “Well now I don’t ask and tell! Let me just say that,” she teased, giving nothing away.

The announcement of the 34-year-old NFL player joining the “Grotesquerie” cast came in early May. On the same day, Nash-Betts posted a short clip of herself with the 6-foot-5 athlete, captioning it with “This is what happens when WINNERS link up @killatrav Welcome to Grotesquerie!” In the video, Kelce can be heard saying, “Jumping into new territory,” illustrating his excitement for the new challenge.

Though “Grotesquerie” is Kelce’s first significant acting role, he is not a complete novice. He hosted NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” back in March 2023 and even had a charming cameo alongside Swift in an episode of the show last fall.

It seems Kelce intends to continue expanding his television career. Earlier this year, it was confirmed that he would host Prime Video’s new game show, “Are You Smarter Than A Celebrity?,” a spinoff of the popular 2007 game show, “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?”

Whether Kelce is making plays on the football field or exploring new roles on the screen, he’s proving he has versatility and talent to spare.

Source: Entertainment Tonight