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Niki Glaser's Hilarious Standup on Aging, Childlessness, and Death

Niki Glaser’s Hilarious Standup on Aging, Childlessness, and Death

10.15pm, Sky Comedy

“I don’t think I can devote my free time to something that could marry a DJ – I think that’s reckless.” This is the sharply hilarious US standup comedian Nikki Glaser talking about not wanting kids in her second televised standup special, “Nikki Glaser: Someday You’ll Die.” She also delves into ageing gracefully with a hairstyle above the earlobe and chunky jewellery, and shares her thoughts on mortality, a topic she often contemplates.

7pm, Sky News

Anyone heard anything about the election result? Sophy Ridge, having covered the events at Westminster throughout the day, now presents an extended version of her show. If you can handle three more hours of news, reaction, and analysis from one of the most competent political presenters around, tune in as she covers the aftermath of yesterday’s vote.

9pm, Channel 4

In “Celebrity Gogglebox,” notable personalities such as Rylan and his mum Linda, Jane McDonald and her best pal Sue, Miquita and Andi Oliver, Shaun Ryder and Bez, and Chris Packham with his stepdaughter Megan, share their takes on the week’s television. A peek into their candid, and sometimes humorous, views offers a refreshing diversion.

9pm, Sky Max

The love story of Rick and Michonne reaches a dramatic conclusion in “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.” Is there hope for a happy ending? Expect violent flashbacks, undead drama, and a flurry of emotional moments as they go against a new, unexpected villain threatening their survival.

10pm, Channel 4

Wrap up the heft of election coverage with some well-needed humor in “The Last Leg: Election Special.” The show’s hosts will dissect the bizarre happenings of the election campaigns over the last 24 hours along with a group of guests, providing a lighter take on the tumultuous political landscape.

11.15pm, ITV1

“Stick to Football” continues its Euros version with a blend of analysis and humor as the tournament advances to the quarter-final stages. It’s engaging and often insightful, albeit sometimes descending into an amusing spectacle of Ian Wright, Gary Neville, and Jill Scott prodding a grumpy Roy Keane.

Brats (Sean McNamara, 2007), Disney+

Andrew McCarthy’s documentary, “Brats,” explores the “Brat Pack” label attached to him, Emilio Estevez, Demi Moore, Molly Ringwald, and other notable actors. His discomfort with the term contrasts the significance of the emotionally raw films they produced (St Elmo’s Fire, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club) that perhaps warranted such a label. The documentary is replete with Hollywood tales and an ample dose of 80s nostalgia for John Hughes fans.

Anyone But You (Will Gluck, 2023), 10.45am; 8pm, Sky Cinema Premiere

“Anyone But You” revives the classic romcom trope of a couple who initially detest each other, an appealing formula since 1934’s “It Happened One Night.” Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell star in this recent hit, a breezy and visually pleasing film, providing a hopeful glimpse for the genre with its $220m box office run.

The Imaginary (Yoshiyuki Momose, 2023), Netflix

This lavish fantasy by Studio Ponoc, directed by Miyazaki collaborator Yoshiyuki Momose, presents a Pixar-esque story: children have imaginary friends who reunite in a parallel world. As Amanda forgets hers, the tale weaves wild Japanese fantasy with rich visuals and a hint of horror through characters like the sinister Mr Bunting.

7pm, TNT Sports 2

Watch Major League Baseball: Chicago Cubs vs. Los Angeles Angels from Wrigley Field. Tune in for the inter-league match coverage.

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