Nikita Dragun’s Plastic Surgery – Before and After

Nikita Dragun's Plastic Surgery

Youtube is now a famous platform to build your career and make money. A talent flourishing ground that deals in categories such as fashion, fitness, beauty, and gaming.  

Since its launch in 2007, it has undergone a lot. There are a lot of channels promoting and sharing content related to beauty, tutorials, cosmetics, and product recommendations.

The most famous Belgian- American fashionista and YouTuber is Nikita Dragun. Nikita is a famous Youtuber, businesswoman, beauty influencer, and many other things. She is an LGBTQ community’s role model. She is admired by her fans for being the truth and living by herself.  

Proudly confessed and admitted that underwent a knife and got breast implants. Nikita even underwent surgery to look more feminine and soften her features.

Addiction to plastic surgery

The Dependence on Plastic Surgery that Nikita Dragun Exhibits.

Because of her openness about her transition from male to female and the procedures she had to change her gender, the beauty expert is well-liked.

Nikita discussed her journey from a guy to a woman in a YouTube video in 2018 and claimed that she became hooked on cosmetic surgery.

She confessed that she had just recently managed to kick the cosmetic surgery addiction. I realize this is a lot of information to take in, so please allow me to explain.”

She claimed that she had to undergo hormone replacement treatment in addition to receiving estrogen injections and testosterone blockers. She also mentioned that this was the most difficult aspect of her shift because of the physical and psychological changes that occurred. 

Because of these alterations, she started becoming too critical of her appearance and started to feel insistent on having further operations done.

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Ended the Darkness from life

As she described that when she looked into the mirror and kept herself from changing every feature of hers. She was fed up and finally reached the point where she wondered if she was in dire need of operations. She felt extremely pressured.”

As a result, she confessed that she was embarrassed because she was repairing things that no longer worked, which was causing her more harm than good.”

Nikita disclosed this information in an interview that she gave to Forbes Magazine. She said that she first became aware that she was unique when she was enrolled in preschool.

I always had a mature attitude for my age. I craved the opportunity to dress up and seem adorable. Everyone else can take a nap, but I’m going to stay up here and act like a princess! My parents learned about my costume when a teacher approached and questioned, “Why are you wearing up like this?”

Since what happened, Nikita has been hiding her feminine side. She knew there were many times and instances when she was afraid to show herself. She was afraid that she would be made fun of. 

Came out as Transgender

Nikita Dragun's Plastic Surgery

Nikita came out as homosexual during his senior year of high school, at which point he became known as “the most feminine gay person” in their school. Her friends embraced her for who she was, regardless of whether she wore baggy trousers, carried a little pocketbook, or wore false eyelashes.

Nikita’s transition into her transgender identity began shortly after she graduated from high school. 

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She went to the trouble of getting a phony identification card, changing her name to Nicole, and dressing in women’s apparel.

Nikita was readily accepted in her role as a female, and at that point, she had worked up the guts to begin posting on Instagram in the identity of a transgender woman, which led to the creation of her channel on YouTube.

Within four years, her body drastically changed. Now she has become a stunning woman. She also wrote in the note that “I am standing now” She also posted her pictures before and after the transformation.No doubt, her transformation is dramatically different from what she was. 

She stated that she is a human and proudly identifies as a transgender person. Nothing in her life can make her much happier than whatever she is now. She is proud of and can see and feel herself.

Adored and admired by fans

Nikita was born a man, but over the last several years, she has gone through the process of transitioning into the female version of herself that her millions of fans know and adore. Nikita, who is 24 years old, recently announced on Instagram that she is pleased with how far she has come and expressed her gratitude for the support she has received along the way.

Advocate of equality

Nikita Dragun's Plastic Surgery

She went on to say that they should get equal rights. Transgender people’s rights are also human rights! Help out your transgender family members today and every day.”

In college, Nikita made her transition public when she obtained her first phony identification card under the name Nicole. To Nikita’s good fortune, her family has always been quite encouraging and supportive of her endeavors.

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On the ending note

The comparison of Nikita’s “before” and “after” images demonstrates how much progress she has made.

Today, Nikita is living her best life, and she wants everyone to know that they should stop asking trans women THAT question.

She posted about the experience on Instagram, saying, “Imagine being questioned every single day whether you ‘chopped it off,“”what do you have,” or “did you have the surgery.” “It used to frustrate me to no end, but after so many years, I just don’t give a damn about it anymore. Being a woman in today’s society requires a lot of guts, that’s all I have to say about it. And there’s a lot more to being a woman than just what happens in your private parts.” 

She concluded her comment with a very straightforward statement, which read that she chose to live her truth. She also added that if u don’t like it, she is least bothered about people’s opinions about her.

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