Nintendo destroyed all the exclusive E3 cards for the GBA e-Reader, but they just released one of the rarest

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In E3 2002, Nintendo started promoting its new e-Reader platform for Game Boy Advance, handing attendees cards featuring some of Nintendo’s favorite characters, each of which gave the lucky guest a chance to win a prize. It was thought that all these letters were lost or destroyedBut a Kirby “First Place” card (extremely rare) has supposedly reappeared, and is now for sale on eBay.

As reported by Kotaku, eBay listing is currently at $ 6,500 with 25 offers, and the seller notes that the First Place card would give the guest a special edition Pokémon GBA (Pokemon / NYC Store Limited Edition). In summary, all winning cards were destroyed by Nintendo to avoid redemptions additional items, but this card was never redeemed, therefore it was not destroyed.

Image Credit: eBay/AndersonCentral

AndersonCentral Vendor is eBay member since 2005 and has 100% positive feedback. They also uploaded a video of the letter being slid onto a Game Boy Advance with an e-Reader to prove its authenticity, Y You can see it here.

According to a story from 2007, most of these promo cards were designed to reach the guest “without a prize”while 100 would get a “second prize” result and 10 would get a “first prize” result.

It is important to note that this card not independently verified nor has its condition been rated, but the seller has provided a good report of its authenticity.

For comparison, a Unopened package of these letters in mint condition, which was rated PSA 10, is currently priced at $ 4,400 on eBay.

This is just another example of Nintendo collectibles listed for sale with a much higher price than the original price. Without going any further, recently we have seen how an almost flawless copy of Super Mario 64 sold for 1.5 million dollars at auction.

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