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Nintendo registers a new controller for Nintendo Switch, what can it be?

Nintendo has registered a new peripheral from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with the serial number CDT-043. The Japanese company plans to market a new command, apparently for your Nintendo Switch console, with a name very similar to that of the SNES Controller, called HAC-042.

What we know about this peripheral and what we don’t

The information, advanced by VGC, throws up a series of details that almost confirm the relationship of this new product with Nintendo Switch; something quite evident or obvious considering that this is your only current console. However, it is a fact that all the previous peripherals of the hybrid had the nomenclature preset BY THIS. For example, the Ring-Con of Ring Fit Adventure (CDT-022) or the aforementioned Super Nintendo Wireless Controller.

On the other hand, we know that it is a command, a control peripheral, since the product is officially described in the document as “game controller”With connection by port USB-C.

New consoles on the way for Nintendo Switch Online?

Nevertheless, many possibilities open And, taking into account that we are in the middle of September and there are many rumors from sources not confirmed by Nintendo that indicate the possible arrival of new platforms to Nintendo Switch Online, the name of Nintendo 64 is gaining strength.

Last July, Nintendo told its investors that They want to improve the appeal of Nintendo Switch Online.

It should be noted that Nintendo has not anticipated the arrival of new platforms to its online platform, so far stocked with titles of NES (since 2018) and SNES (since 2019), but that may be close to changing in the coming dates. Both consoles have their own wireless controller compatible with Nintendo Switch.

It is not the first time that Nintendo has confidentially requested the classification of new controllers in the Federal Communications Commission. They already did it in August 2019 with SNES for the SNES Controller (HAC-042); the procedure is now repeated with HAC-043.

It is a matter of time before Nintendo makes official what this peripheral is about and if the desire of fans to have Nintendo 64 titles or other classic consoles will come true or not. In the same way, the arrival of titles of Game Boy and Game Boy Color (Eurogamer and Nintendo Life); also not confirmed by the Japanese company.

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