Nintendo Switch breaks records and records the best month of sales in Spain since its launch

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Nintendo Switch adds up and goes on: if we recently told you that the console reached 2 million units sold in Spain, now we can confirm that last November it registered the best month since its launch (March 2017) in our country. In addition, according to the internal data offered by the Japanese company, at the European level it also managed to sign its best Black Friday week in its history, smashing the record achieved in 2019.

The leading sales pack has been the one that includes the console along with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (in digital format) and a 3-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. It should be noted that in the report compute all console models, including Lite and OLED versions.

Nintendo Switch: path of all records

The Nintendo console has become used to living in success. Its premiere took place in March 2017 and since then, the numbers have grown to the point of reaching 92.78 million machines sold. Nowadays It is the fourth best-selling platform in the history of the company; the third place is occupied by Nintendo Wii and there are already less than 10 million that it needs to reach it.

Nintendo Switch stars a permanent success; last November it was confirmed that it had been able to sell 3.83 million during July 1 and September 30 (8.23 million in the fiscal exercise until that date). Of course, at the software level the thing was not going to be less, according to what was seen in the case of Pokémon Shimmering Pearl and Shining Diamond, with its nothing more and nothing less than 6 million in the week of its premiere. These editions rank as the fourth best-selling of the franchise.

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