Nintendo Switch breaks records in Japan: it took the 30 best-selling games of the week

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Nintendo Switch breaks records in Japan: it took the 30 best-selling games of the week

The dominance condition of Nintendo Switch in Japan reaches a new milestone that we haven’t seen since November 1988: The 30 best-selling video games in physical format last week were from a single platform, Nintendo Switch. Following the position of Famicom in the market, emperor of the Japanese market during its glory years, the Joy-Con machine is known to be ahead of its competitors on a much larger scale than what we saw in previous generations.

Because Nintendo 3DS had to deal with the last few years of PSP and an intermittent PS4; while Nintendo DS and PSP shared, despite the dominance of the dual-screen console, one of the times of greatest boom that is remembered in the Japanese market, especially due to the commercial successes at the software level of both platforms.

A look at the numbers: console and game sales for August 2-8

Let’s take a look at the data, which speaks for itself. In the week of August 2 to 8, Nintendo Switch sold 72,883 consoles. Throughout the year 2021 carries 3.43 million units sold; in total, accumulate 20.76 million consoles. In just a few months, it will exceed the accumulated 24.57 million of Nintendo 3DS, in the absence of knowing if it will manage to exceed the more than 32 million units of the historic Nintendo DS in Japan. PlayStation 5, meanwhile, sold 13,530 units in those seven days, giving a total of 698,583 units throughout 2021.

Hardware and software go hand in hand; one cannot be explained without the other. The 30 best-selling video games of that period were, from top to bottom, Nintendo Switch. The Top-30 was Super Mario Maker 2, a 2019 video game, with 2,256 physical copies sold. In other words, last week’s best-selling PlayStation video game in Japan sold less than 2,256 units at most.

A context marked by circumstances: on the position of Nintendo Switch

With Nintendo Switch there is no room for competition; in fact, several phenomena coincide at the same time. On the one hand, a hybrid console that has managed to capture the attention of the traditional Nintendo fan and the one that remained for decades rooted in its portable segment, with sagas ready to break all records at the sales level.

On the other, one of the most delicate situations in the history of PlayStation at a commercial level. Your hardware won’t take off and great exclusive games are missing vendeconsolas; the Person, Dragon Quest Y Monster Hunter —Historical PlayStation emblems— either still missing or found elsewhere. Xbox, for its part, is still looking for its place, but it does not arrive at the moment.

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