Nintendo Switch connectivity issues are finally resolved with the release of a new update

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The long-running problem with the Nintendo Switch firmware seems to have come to an end. Users have reported that Nintendo finally fixed error code 2123-1502. This error code appeared with Update 12.0.3, which arrived on Nintendo Switch consoles earlier this month, preventing gamers from downloading games and updates, among other things.

Here we share a series of tweets that report and address the issue:

OatmealDome, a Switch data expert, tweeted on June 18 that there would be a maintenance scheduled for June 29 and that it looked like it was meant to fix the firmware issue. According to different player reports, the error code 2123-1502 has been fixed after a scheduled maintenance that took place on June 20.

The 12.0.3 update is live and working, which means that the error code 2123-1502 should not appear when trying to download or update games.

In short: Good news for Nintendo Switch users, since most had downloaded the new update, which caused very annoying connection errors. Now that most users have downloaded the 12.0.3 update, problems with error code 2123-1502 should be completely fixed.

Unfortunately, this problem It affected consoles during E3 2021, a particularly good time for video game sales and reservations, as well as discounts on the occasion of the event and launch of video game demos presented at conferences. Having been an E3 loaded with indie titles, it is very possible that this problem has directly affected some companies.

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