Nintendo Switch is updated to version 13.0.0: Bluetooth headphones and more news

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Nintendo has released the update 13.0.0 from Nintendo Switch. Hybrid console players, regardless of model, can now download this new firmware version; whose main novelty is the possibility of connect a Bluetooth headset and thus take advantage of this technology (Bluetooth 4.1).

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Nintendo Switch version 13.0.0 – Play with wireless headphones

The announcement has taken everyone by surprise. After version 13.0.0 is downloaded on Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite, all headphones, speakers, earbuds, AirPods and other audio devices that comply with Bluetooth protocols can now easily connect to the console. In essence, this allows you to not have to rely on the traditional 3.5 Jack port and enjoy wireless audio during our gaming sessions. We summarize below some additional details included in the Nintendo Support Portal.

  • Bluetooth microphones cannot connect with Nintendo Switch.
  • We can connect up to two controllers on Nintendo Switch while using a Bluetooth audio device.
  • Bluetooth audio cannot be used while we have wireless communication active; it cannot be used in multiplayer games.
  • Nintendo Switch can memorize up to 10 audio devices at a time; although it can only play one simultaneously.
  • The latency “will depend on the Bluetooth device” we use.

Other features of version 13.0.0 of Nintendo Switch

Apart from this new feature, one of the most demanded by Nintendo Switch players since its premiere, the update includes other minor novelties mainly designed for the Nintendo Switch OLED (October 8). From now on, the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED models will have in System > System Settings a section for Update the dock. It is only used for those ports that have a LAN connection (the one that is included in NS OLED; also compatible with previous models).

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Also, there is a new tab called Keep Internet Connection in Sleep Mode. Thanks to the possibility of keeping the dock connected to the internet by cable as of October 8, it will be possible for a Nintendo Switch at rest connected to the network to keep the games updated; among other features. This setting will be enabled by default to facilitate the convenience of these updates. When we wake up the console, we will generally have everything up to date.

Finally, players can now visually check if they are using 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency networks in section Connection Status from the Internet settings on a Nintendo Switch.

Annex: How to update your Nintendo Switch console

How to update our Nintendo Switch? The first thing we must do is connect our console to the internet. Then we go to Console configuration in the HOME menu, we select Console and Upgrade from the console. In a matter of seconds it will restart and we will have our Switch or Switch Lite updated to version 13.0.0. This process will also apply to the Nintendo Switch OLED starting October 8.

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