Nintendo: Switch sales drop after Corona soar

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Nintendo’s game console Switch is no longer in demand after the game boom in the Corona year 2020. In the past quarter, 4.45 million Switch consoles were sold – almost 22 percent less than a year earlier, as Nintendo announced on Thursday. As a result, sales also fell in the first quarter of the fiscal year, which ended at the end of June, by almost ten percent to 322.6 billion yen (just under 2.5 billion euros).

The profit fell by 13 percent to 92.75 billion yen (around 715 million euros). The last quarter was particularly difficult for the Switch Lite, the pure mobile model of the Switch: With 1.14 units sold, the sales figures plummeted over 50 percent.

The slight decrease was to be expected: The Corona restrictions in the same quarter of the previous year had led to a big boom in the entire games industry, from which Nintendo also benefited. With “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”, Nintendo also brought the unofficial lockdown game onto the market last year and achieved record results: The title, originally published in March, was sold 10.63 million times in the same quarter of the previous year from April to June. So far this year Nintendo has not had such a high-flyer.

The switch could also gradually run out of breath: The hybrid console has been on the market since March 2017 and is now showing the first signs of weakness after the corona boom from last year. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to Nintendo: The company has already announced a new console model, the Switch OLED, which will be available from October. From the new model, which mainly differs from the current version in terms of the OLED display, Nintendo should expect another boost in sales. (With material from the dpa)

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