Nintendo updates its diversity policies; there will be more women in managerial positions

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Nintendo wants to support diversity in its company. The new document Corporate Governance Report published by the company itself on December 30, details the commitment of the Kyoto signing by promote diversity in your workforce of employees so that, in essence, the role of women is more present and, above all, increase the number of female staff in positions of responsibility.

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One of the sections of the document states that Nintendo is “committed to respecting the personality and strengths of each and every employee, including those of our subsidiaries abroad, and develop an environment in which employees of diverse backgrounds can maximize their potential. “

Nintendo will boost its diversity policies

In this regard, it is worth rescuing data that became public on June 29 on the occasion of the annual report on Corporate Social Responsibility, in which – dated March 31, 2021 – Nintendo had 6,547 employees throughout the world, distributed among 27 subsidiaries around the globe. In Nintendo of Europe 61.9% were men; in Nintendo of America 65.5% were men; while in Japan the percentage of masculinity increased to 80.5%.

Nintendo wants to change these low percentages of female employees by “hiring women and creating an environment in which women can develop successful careers“Says Nintendo in the document, while committing to increase”the proportion of women in managerial positions”, Which dated March 31, 2021 was from 23,7% worldwide (4.2% in Japan); according to the data provided by the Japanese firm itself.

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Last week, Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser sent a letter to all of his employees expressing concern about the scandal surrounding both Activision Blizzard and its CEO, Bobby Kotick, currently under investigation and singled out by potential prospects. labor and sexual abuses that have taken place in said corporation.

Source | Nintendo Corporate Governance Report; via GamesIndustry


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