Nintendo: “We have no plans to launch any other Switch models at the moment”

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Nintendo was expected to announce a more powerful Switch model, but those in Kyoto introduced the Nintendo Switch OLED instead. Neither new CPU nor improvements in the maximum resolution, the most notable change of the new machine is its OLED type screen. Now, an official Twitter account of the company has ruled out that they have plans to launch an upcoming Switch “right now.”

The tweet also denies information from Bloomberg, which stated that the profit margins would increase with respect to the main model of Switch, on sale since 2017. “A news dated July 15, 2021 ensures that the profit margin of Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will increase with respect to Nintendo Switch. To ensure that it is understood by our investors and clients, we want to make it clear that this information is incorrect. “

With regard to the constant mentions of a hypothetical model more powerful (unofficially baptized with the name of Nintendo Switch Pro), the Japanese have added the following: “We also want to clarify that we have just announced that Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will be launched in October 2021. We have no plans to launch any other model at the moment ”.

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Nintendo develops new hardware “constantly”

They do not categorically deny the possibility of a new model in the future, a statement that matches the statements of Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendo. The manager acknowledged that the company is constantly working on new hardware, although he also explained that he was not going to say anything more about the projects that are currently on the table. “We will continue to propose titles that use a dedicated game console with integrated hardware and software.”

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Nintendo Switch OLED is a reality. It will go on sale next October 8th at a price of 349.99 euros in Spain, as seen in some stores.

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