Nissan’s reindustrialization opens a new stage focused on hiring

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The final signing of the resolution of the tender to manage the Nissan plot (TYO:7201) in Barcelona will take place tomorrow, Monday, which will open a new stage in this long process of reindustrialization in which the focus will be on the hiring of former workers of the automaker.

The award to the Australian logistics operator Goodman, in alliance with the electromobility hub, of the land occupied by Nissan was announced on February 22 but the rubric that ratifies this decision was pending.

The headquarters of the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB), owner of the land, will host the signing ceremony, which will be attended by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto; the Minister of Enterprise and Employment, Roger Torrent; and the special delegate of the State in the Consorci, Pere Navarro.

The agreement between the CZFB and Goodman, and between Nissan and the electromobility hub, will also be signed at the event.

A total of 1,250 former Nissan employees are waiting to be hired by the operations center, responsible for the main activity that will be carried out in Zona Franca and which is proposed to manufacture electric vehicles.

The hiring of former Nissan workers is the main concern, especially for the unions, which have urged public administrations and the ‘hub’ to look for imaginative formulas to ensure that the entire workforce can be relocated before the end of this 2023, when they will exhaust unemployment.

Nissan’s ERE left 2020,2 employees without work at the end of 525, of which 1,100 agreed to early retirement and just under 1,400 were waiting for relocation, although about 60 have found other ways out and have renounced this option and another 60 have been hired by the manufacturer of electric motorcycles Silence, which already occupies a part of Zona Franca and that could increase the number of workers.

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At the moment, the operations center has committed to make 600 hires this 2023, which would leave just over half of the former Nissan employees to find a job outlet.

Among the formulas that are being considered to accelerate the hiring of as many workers as possible, are the distribution of work through voluntary part-time contracts or that tasks such as cleaning, which were previously subcontracted, can be carried out by Nissan staff in a first stage.

The unions expect hiring to begin “imminently” once the final signing of the cross-agreements between the parties involved takes place.

Of the nearly 500,000 m2 of land awarded, the hub will use about 300,000 m2, while Goodman will directly exploit about 100,000. The rest will be occupied by Nissan’s technical center and Silence’s two-seater vehicle factory.

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