No greetings from the royal family: this is how Harry and Meghan celebrated their wedding anniversary

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No greetings from the royal family: this is how Harry and Meghan celebrated their wedding anniversary

May 19 marks the third wedding anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. That day in 2018, at Windsor Castle, few could foresee the turn that the couple’s lives would take. Today Enrique Y Meghan They have ceased to belong to royalty and have embarked on a new life in California, away from everything that was behind it. What has happened?

In this new stage of his life, the spotlight has not left them. Even though Harry and Meghan they said goodbye to their social networksBoth have kept in touch with the public through the various interviews they have given and on the website of their organization, Archewell Foundation.

It has been through her that the couple has made an announcement about their next philanthropic work: “Archewell Foundation and World Central Kitchen today announce their plans to build our next Community Relief Center in India, which is facing a devastating second wave of COVID-19”.

“The purpose of these centers is to provide support and resilience (as well as healing) to the communities in which they are. During future crises, these centers can be activated quickly as emergency kitchens, as well as vaccination centers “, they explain from the California-based foundation.

On the other hand, Archewell Foundation shared through his official Instagram account a portrait greeting the prince Enrique, 36, and Meghan, 39, for their third wedding anniversary. The black and white photograph shows the couple on their wedding day in Windsor.

While the couple themselves have taken time to celebrate their anniversary, other members of the British royal family they did not commemorate the date in their social networks. Although the official Royal Family accounts, Clarence House (representing Henry’s father and stepmother, Prince Charles of Wales and Camilla of Cornwall) and Kensington Royal (of William and Catherine of Cambridge) paid tribute to the little boy’s first birthday. Archie, this past May 6, have not made any public recognition to the wedding anniversary of Enrique and Meghan.

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