No Man’s Sky celebrates its fifth anniversary; new trailer for Frontiers, its next expansion

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Hello Games looks back over five years with No Man’s Sky. Not without controversy during its launch, the company alludes to the moments of development in the study and all the content updates that you have been receiving throughout this journey. You can see the video under this paragraph.

In addition, the British take advantage of the content to target their next stop: Frontiers. It will be the 17th update of its cycle. So far they have not shared his arrival date and the functions that will accompany him.

No Man’s Sky: Redemption Song

Yes, the mythical song of Bob Marley & The Wailers has been the theme chosen during our review of No Man’s Sky. Five years in which its fans have gone through all the cycles, from that sticker on the game box to the errors produced in version 1.0. “On No Man’s Sky launch day, a hot August 9, 2016, two players accomplished in just a few hours what its creators had described as ‘virtually impossible.’ That pair of friends managed to find themselves at a specific point among the more than 18 trillion planets that the title boasts. The same solar system, the same world, the same time. And they were unable to see each other ”, we said.

“No Man’s Sky will never be able to convince everyone. He will always keep some demons from the past, from his time through hell post-launch. It is one of the greatest “what ifs” in the history of videogames. What if it had turned out as it is now? Would we already have a second installment without problems with the combat system? Had he found the key to eradicate that monotony that is attributed to him? And Hello Games? Would it have grown as much as CD Projekt did? We will never know. The only certainty we have is these five years of free updates. Five years in which a small indie studio has lowered its head and apologized the only way it knew how: by working ”. You can read our full report through this link.

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