No one saw it coming: Robert De Niro’s fall from grace

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No one saw it coming: Robert De Niro's fall from grace

With The Irish, Robert De Niro broke a seven-year streak without being nominated at the Oscars and managed to straighten out a career where such roles became an exception for him. His previous nomination had been in 1992 with Cabo de Miedo, What happened in between? A trajectory that turned over time and that had the huge actor in movies that went more than unnoticed. Review how it got to this day!

The point in favor of the New Yorker is that he does not stop working at 77 years old. Since he began acting in films in 1965, there were only a few years where he was absent from the cinema. Recently, only in 2014 and 2018 did he add to his filmography. Then he always had his privileged place in the industry.

However, in recent years he was away from the great characters that he got used to playing: Vito Corleone in The Godfather, Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, Al Capone in The Untouchables, Max Cady en Cape of Fear o Nick and The Score. Either because of his age, his decision or because Hollywood was running him, it ended up in comedies that fell into oblivion sooner than later.

Robert De Niro in 2001 (Getty)

The numbers They say he made 27 movies in the last decade and 19 were ridiculed for criticism. De Niro’s career change began in 1999 when he starred as mobster Paul Vitti in the hilarious Analizame. A funny film, but it had nothing to do with the Oscar-winning roles that he knew how to perform.

A year later he continued on the same course with My girlfriend’s family, along with Ben Stiller. On the one hand it was the highest grossing film of his career, but on the other condemned him to continue with the same comic roles over and over again. In children’s comedy The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle He even parodied himself in the iconic Taxi Driver scene (“Are you talking to me?”).

References to his great legacy became more and more common in his works and even for many “They are already a cinematographic subgenre in itself”. Analyze yourself, Malavita, The commission, The coup of the century, Human hunt, The Passenger, Red lights or The life of Flynn only served to further damage his reputation.

The same actor, with few words to the media, spoke about his decline when he was awarded the honorary Golden Globe in 2011. He took the stage and He was grateful that they gave it to him before the premiere of Little Focker. However, it was still missing for what is considered the bottom of the legend.

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro in Analyze yourself (Getty)

On Dirty Grandpa, from 2016, De Niro acted as a widowed older man who convinces his grandson (played by Zac Efron) to party with him because he’s been sexless for 15 years. In fact, the advertising campaign for the film was responsible for humiliating the actor with a slogan that read the following: “One of the most respected and legendary actors of our generation and now he is this”.

Dirty Grandpa

With Joker and The Irishman He resumed the path that his talent marks him and many young people could see him for the first time as the brilliant artist that he is. But the good streak did not last long because in 2020 he launched At war with my grandfather: a film where an older man confronts his own grandson for having to share a room with him.

Fortunately, De Niro’s projects are still hopeful because he will work with Martin Scorsese in the adaptation of the novel The Killers of the Flower Moon and with James Gray in Armageddon Time. In addition, it has a folder Wash Me in the River with the address of Randall Emmett. At 77 years old, Will it be the moment to relaunch your career?

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