“No such domain”: Air France loses support domain to angry customers

"No such domain": Air France loses support domain to angry customers

The French airline Air France has a problem with the websupportairfrance.fr domain. Actually, this domain should be used to process your customers’ cancellation requests in a web form. Because a customer received his cancellation request back with the information “no such domain” (NXDomain), he quickly registered the free domain himself and converted it into a completely private complaint page. He now forwards the accumulated customer data directly to the French data protection authority.

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“Dear Air France”, the angry customer writes on the new websupportairfrance.fr, “after I filled out your web form for a refund of my ticket, your system sent an e-mail to this domain, which was then sent back to me immediately, since you apparently failed to register the domain. “

After being forced to “listen to bad music” for an hour, he simply registered the free domain himself. “As soon as you have processed my support request, we can talk about the fact that I will no longer forward the e-mails that I have received to the CNIL. Have a nice day,” writes the afflicted on the repurposed page. the CNIL is France’s data protection authority, the Commission National de l’Informatique et des Libertés.

How it happens that Air France has not registered the domain stored as the address for the corresponding web form remains the airline’s secret for the time being. A telephone request to the company’s press office on Monday morning came to nothing.

The French data protection officers at the CNIL now have to decide how to evaluate the possible disclosure of the personal data of the passengers of the French airline. After all, the booking number, name, flight details, payment method and reasons for the cancellation request are required.


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