No Time To Die’s challenge to not be a failure: raise $ 900 million

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It has been known for more than two years that Daniel Craig will say goodbye as James Bond with the next installment of the saga. No Time To Die will be his fifth appearance as british spy, a role he first played in 2006 when he did Casino Royale. The film that was supposed to be released in 2019 suffered several delays, the last due to the pandemic, and this resulted in a major headache for the production company.

It is believed that No Time To Die it will have to raise at least $ 900 million in order not to be a failure. Based on estimates, that’s the amount of money it takes to balance your budget. It is estimated that for each day of delay of its launch approximately one million dollars is lost.

Companies House reported that the original production costs would have been around 280 million dollars. The lag time for a launch that was to take place first in November 2019, then postponed to the first half of 2020 and, following the outbreak of the coronavirus, indefinitely, they would have left that number at about 314 million dollars.

Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas, in
No Time To Die. (IMDb)

To that figure must be added the budget that No Time To Die destined to promote the film that will finally be released in October. It is estimated that the investment would amount to a total of 464 million dollars, including money for advertising. In addition, the agreement of MGM It establishes that it will keep 50% of the income at the box office, which means that, to recover all the investment, they will have to raise just over 900 million dollars.

Since theaters reopened, no movie came close to a similar number. Only Fast and furious 9, a franchise used to making tons of money, raised $ 663 million worldwide. On the side of the saga of James Bond, the last two movies, Skyfall Y Spectre, raised $ 1 billion and $ 800 million, respectively. No Time To Die it became the most expensive film in the series and depends on a miracle to get it done.

Henry Cavill revealed the reason they didn’t want him to replace Daniel Craig

After Daniel Craig confirmed that he would not play again James Bond, in the international media, names of stars began to parade to succeed him. One of those that featured was Henry Cavill, which recently revealed the reason why he was rejected for the role.

the witcher henry cavill netflix

Cavill prepares for the premiere of the second installment of
The Witcher. (IMDb)

In an interview with Insider, the actor from The Man of Steel He said that more than fifteen years ago he was part of a casting in which he did not stay because “he was not thin enough to play James Bond”. Cavill He explained that “I was not in any way chubby, but I was probably overweight to take my shirt off for the camera.”

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