No Way Home “broke grossing records

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Just a few days ago Marvel fulfilled the wish of the fans: release Spider-Man: No Way Home. It has been months since the movie, starring Tom Holland, It became one of the most anticipated of the franchise and, after so much waiting, it finally reached theaters. And, it should be noted that long before its launch it already broke unmatched records.

In 2019, with the premiere of Avengers: endgame Everything indicated that no feature film that Marvel produced could compete with it, but the reality is that with Spider-Man: No Way Home They have exceeded any expectations. In fact, its figures at the box office are a great proof of this since, just three days after its great publication, it has had more collection than the end of The Avengers.

As reported by Deadline, Spider-Man: No Way Home it got to have one of the best premieres around the world. In the United States, for example, it raised $ 43.6 million and, for its part, in Europe it has taken 2% more than Avengers: Infinity War. What’s more, particularly in Italy it has dominated the box office with a gross of three million euros in just its first day.

However, the one with the best premiere of No Way Home it’s UK. From what the aforementioned portal published, the film got 7.63 million euros last Wednesday. Also, these official data indicate that Tom Holland’s film could collect, at the end of this weekend, 300 million dollars worldwide. Although, the amount is likely to continue to rise.

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Spider-Man fans have long awaited this film as thousands of rumors have sprung up around it since filming began. In addition, the reality is that in this film the performance of Tom Holland He stands out by far and, finally, he establishes himself as one of the best Peter Parker.

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