No Way Home confirming the presence of an important Marvel actress

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Spider-Man: No Way Home It is the most anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe movie of the year and we are just days away from its world premiere. The expectation of the fans grows with the passing of the hours for the inclusion of the multiverse, and that is why we will be able to see great people who until now had not been part of the franchise. Similarly, a well-known actress may have her cameo.

Tom Holland, who renewed his deal with Sony Pictures and the MCU for a new trilogy, will return as everyone’s favorite superhero after Peter Parker’s identity has been revealed. Doctor Strange He tries to help him with a spell to make everyone forget him, but things go wrong and the realities of the worlds start to intersect, bringing back villains from the past.

+ The MCU actress who can have her place

As we mentioned, the character played by Benedict Cumberbutch It will be one of the fundamental pieces of the film and it is said that it will be linked to its sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Who will be part of this production and can have a cameo in the new Spidey is Elizabeth Olsen, again incarnating Wanda Maximoff already turned into Scarlet Witch.

A feature of Marvel movies is that they have their typical post-credits scenes, one of which is rumored to include Venom, kicking off the next superhero trilogy, but apparently there is a second. Having a strong connection to WandaVision and the sequel to Doctor Strange, it is believed that the first big look at the next film would be when the credits were finished..

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Another aspect that links them is that In one of the previews, the sorcerer is seen using runes for his spell, just like Wanda did in her Disney + program.. Rumors assure that there will be a preview of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home, but to find out, you will have to go to the movies from next Thursday, December 16.

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