No Way Home has post-credits scenes?

The world is waiting for the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the most anticipated film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe of the year. This recognition is because the multiverse will be the protagonist of the plot and fans will see something entirely new in the franchise, although there will be one aspect that may not change. Is the post-credits scene confirmed? How many will they be?

The identity of Peter Parker has been revealed by Mysterio at the end of Far From Home and he is the number one enemy of the citizens believing that he is the villain. In order to change the situation, he goes to Doctor Strange, who performs a spell so that everyone loses their memory, but something goes wrong and the realities of different universes mix, thus bringing villains from the past like Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Electro, Sandman and Lizard.

+ Will there be post-credits scenes?

A great enemy that production companies have had Sony and Marvel Studios In the last year there have been leaks, from the presence of characters to exclusive glimpses of the film. In the last week what reached social networks was his post-credits scene, which so far is the only one that has been talked about, and fans made reference to what came to light.

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According to the leaked details, in the post-credits scene we will see nothing more and nothing less than Venom, played once more by Tom Hardy. It will be the presentation of the symbiote in the MCU, after a small introduction that it already had in its sequel, where we see that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker appears to merge definitively.

This makes sense considering that The Spider-Man actor has just renewed his relationship with Sony and Marvel for an upcoming film trilogy, where it is estimated that we will see dedicated productions of the superhero alongside Venom. At the moment this is still a rumor and will be confirmed in theaters when it is screened Spider-Man: No Way Home and there are no details on a second post-credits scene.

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