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No you can’t be called Jeff Bezos in New World

If you have idea to emulate Jeff Bezos In New World, even if it’s by sharing his name, you might know that you can’t. The new from Amazon Game Studios, which went on sale on September 28 on PC with certain problems on its servers, prevents players from selecting the name of the founder and CEO of Amazon. PC Gamer has verified that the name of the tycoon and its variants are completely blocked.

According to this media outlet, neither ‘Jeff Bezos’, nor ‘Bezos’ nor any variant such as ‘JeffB’, ‘Bez0s’ or ‘Be Zos’ are allowed. To no one’s surprise it is also not possible to use ‘Amazon’ like nick or anyone that includes these terms. And what about more subtle puns, like, for example, ‘Beff Jezos’? The truth is that it was not blocked, as PC Gamer itself verified, but another user had had that brilliant idea and it was already taken.

No Jeff Bezos parodies

The decision to block these names has not been made official, but it is obvious that from Amazon they don’t want them to be used in a parodic or harmful waySo better cut your losses and avoid what would have been unavoidable had it been allowed. Now we wonder if it is possible to use the name of Bill Gates or any other personality in the business world.

New World is an MMORPG developed by Amazon Game Studios. The internal studies of this conglomerate have had multiple problems launching their products. Some of them, like Crucible, stayed on the road.

With this new title they intend to achieve the success that so far has resisted them, although its premiere has not been without problems. In addition to the delays above, your arrival has seen long lines due to the server congestion, a fairly common problem during the early days of online gaming.

Source | PC Gamer


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