Nobody noticed: the hidden reference to the Teletubbies in the Loki series

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One of the great events of the last few months was Loki, the Marvel Cinematic Universe series for the streaming service Disney+. It was the franchise’s third project on television, after the successes of WandaVision Y The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Before the premiere, he said what one of his inspirations was going to be and finally there was a clear wink, but no one noticed.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the director Kate Herron spoke before the premiere about how they were preparing for the first episode to come out. In that same conversation was consulted for the inspirations of the show at the time of its creation and commented that the main ones were Blade Runner, Mad Men and the Teletubbies. Fans were stumped by the latest title and now he explained where the reference was.

At the time Herron declined to offer any further comment on what the children’s show was going to take for the MCU’s new.. Finally, we now know that the Teletubbies helped create episode 5, called The Void, where Thor’s brother and Sylvie end up in a strange post-apocalyptic world along with other variants. Why were the Teletubbies an inspiration?

Kate recently chatted with ComicBook and stated: “I haven’t talked about this yet, but the reference to the Teletubbies: it was Episode 5.”. He then gave his explanation: “I wanted ‘The Void’ to feel like a neglected garden because it’s like this forgotten place. Essentially, I had launched the British field because it looks a lot like that, but I remember talking to ILM, who we were doing the effects with, and they said: ‘Well what are you thinking?’ I just couldn’t think, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, you know what it is? It’s like the Teletubbies.’ “.

“It’s like rolling hills of dystopia, and that’s what we’re looking for. But it’s not sunny, it’s got this kind of fog. And that’s how the Teletubbies got into the show. Fortunately they did.”Herron finished. Taking into account their words, now we understand what they were referring to and the clear Easter egg to the children’s show. We hope to see if in the second season already confirmed we will have more references of this style.

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