Noel Gallagher Claims Goats Outsing Liam: A Hilarious Revelation

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Noel Gallagher Says Goats Sing Better Than Brother Liam

In a recent interview, Noel Gallagher has hilariously revealed that goats singing Oasis songs sound better than his estranged brother Liam. While rich taxi conversations once existed, they have now been replaced by silly videos of singing animals sent to people’s phones. However, Noel’s comments were all in jest, and he has expressed that there is no bad blood between the brothers.

Noel Gallagher and Johnny Marr Share Common Ground

Noel Gallagher has shared that he and Johnny Marr have a lot in common due to both Oasis and The Smiths having “complicated lead singers.” Noel was asked about the potential for a Smiths reunion, to which he replied that he has no advice to give and doesn’t know anyone who has done it before.

Noel Gallagher’s Views on Writing an Autobiography

Noel Gallagher has been asked numerous times to write an autobiography. However, he has expressed that he would only do it for “shitty money” and that he doesn’t have the patience to spend so many years writing a book. Noel would also want to write the book himself and not have someone ghostwrite it. As a person who lives in the moment, he is worried that by the time the book was published, he may not believe any of it. Additionally, he tends to start books and never finish them, so he doubts he would even complete writing his own book.

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