“Noel Gallagher Opens Up About Stressful Experiences with Liam Gallagher’s Unpredictable Humor – “

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Noel Gallagher Finds Liam Gallagher’s Unpredictable Humor Really ‘Stressful’

Former Oasis bandmates and estranged brothers, Noel and Liam Gallagher, have had a rocky relationship since the band’s breakup in 2009. While there have been rumors of a potential reunion, it seems that any hopes of one happening are consistently quashed by the pair’s public disdain for one another. This time it’s Noel who has been airing his grievances, stating that he finds Liam’s sense of humor ‘stressful.’

In a recent interview with Radio X, Noel opened up about his dislike for Liam’s humor and divulged how uneasy he feels around him. “I find it really stressful hanging out with him because he’s always a bit like, ‘What are you saying that for?’,” Noel said. “And I’m thinking, ‘Well, I’m not saying it to upset you’. And he’s like ‘Yeah but why say it at all?’ and you’re like, ‘Well, because it’s something to say’.”

Although the two brothers have had a tumultuous relationship, they have both experienced successful solo careers since Oasis disbanded. Liam’s debut solo album, As You Were, hit number one in the UK album charts in 2017, while Noel has been busy with his band, High Flying Birds.

Noel’s interview coincides with the release of his new EP, Blue Moon Rising, which will be available from March 6. Speaking about the EP, which features remixes of some of his recent tracks, he said “They’re great songs that didn’t make it onto the last album so it’s exciting for reasons beyond just putting out an EP.”

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Although a reunion of Oasis remains unlikely, fans of the band can take solace in the fact that both Gallagher brothers are still producing quality music in their own right.

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