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Noel Schajris Returns to Musical Roots with NS Music Platform

Noel Schajris, the Latin Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter from Argentina, has faced several challenges in his career. However, his latest project #I always knew is the most personal and authentic album of his life. For this album, he has confronted big companies and returned to the origins of music. Schajris is issuing his latest album through his own NS Music platform, which aims to revolutionize streaming and take control of the music.

Schajris believes that streaming is not fulfilling the objective of solidifying the careers of singer-songwriters and artists who want to make art in this world. That’s why he has returned to the sale of the album as a vehicle and as an instrument to fulfill his and the audience’s dreams. He wants to communicate with the public in a direct way and take control of his music, return to reality and what does good.

With more than three decades of professional career, Schajris reveals that the secret of his success is staying authentic and coherent with his values and love for music. Consistency and authenticity are highly valued by the public. To remain successful for so many years, musicians need to be passionate and authentic in everything they do.

Schajris wrote most of the songs on his album #I always knew on Peruvian soil while doing a television program, La Voz Peru. The unique and atypical rhythm of the fourth c inspired him to write the most painful sound, “the silence after asking someone if you still love me.” Schajris was impressed by that phrase, and that’s the song he composed.

For Schajris, the beauty of his job is when he stops thinking of it as work and feels like he’s creating, investigating life. He’s grateful for the opportunity to give his children a beautiful life, doing what he loves to do every day.

In conclusion, Schajris’s latest project #I always knew is his most personal album that reflects his authenticity, love for music, and values. Through his NS Music platform, Schajris wants to revolutionize streaming, take control of his music, and communicate with his audience in a direct way. He reminds us that authenticity is the key to remain in the public eye for so many years.

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