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Nominations Open for Top TikTok Talent Managers and Agents of 2024

Nominations Open for Top TikTok Talent Managers and Agents of 2024
TikTok creator Jorge Alvarez. Courtesy of Alvarez
TikTok is one of the most popular platforms today, empowering countless creators to grow their online presence, earn money, and kickstart their own ventures. The app has been instrumental for many in breaking into the music industry, launching comedy careers, and even securing invitations to prestigious events like the Met Gala.

In the past year, the ByteDance-owned platform has undergone significant changes. One notable update is its expanded focus on shopping. This feature allows qualified creators to earn commissions by posting reviews of products or services they use or through affiliate sales. Another major shift has been TikTok’s move towards long-form content in order to compete with YouTube, signaling a departure from the shorter, 15- and 30-second videos that initially made the app famous.

As TikTokers scale their brands, many enlist talent managers and agents to maximize their earning potential. These managers often discover talent through mutual connections, events, or by browsing social media. “TikTok still does an incredible job of shining light on new faces, new talent, and exciting content,” stated Brendan Nahmias, a senior talent manager at the creator firm Whalar.

Talent managers and agents play a crucial role in helping creators negotiate better contracts, connect with brands, and explore new ventures. Business Insider is currently compiling its fifth annual list of the most influential talent managers and agents who aid TikTok creators in advancing their careers.

Industry professionals such as creators, influencer marketers, advertisers, publicists, and founder of creator startups are encouraged to nominate those agents and managers who are making a significant impact on TikTokers’ careers by July 12.

Source: Business Insider