Norman Reedus (Death Stranding) poses on video with the rabbit from Silent Hill 3

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The cancellation of Silent Hills was a severe blow to fans of the saga. The farewell to the title also marked the departure of Hideo Kojima from Konami, who launched his own independent studio. Norman Reedus, the actor who was to play the protagonist of this game, ended up working with the Japanese creative on Death Stranding. Now, the interpreter has published on Instagram a psychedelic video in which he poses with the rabbit from Silent Hill 3.

How could it be otherwise, the fans have reacted promptly. Will Norman Reedus be in a new video game in the series? Of course, this question is still unanswered, since neither Konami nor the actor have positioned themselves in that direction. What is known for sure is that the Japanese have reached an agreement with Bloober Team to develop a series of projects. The developer has hinted that Silent Hill is one of them, but at the moment there is no official confirmation.

Norman Reedus regresará en Death Stranding Director’s Cut

The collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus crystallized into Death Stranding, a new intellectual property that served as a premiere game for Kojima Productions. The title, marketed on PlayStation 4, later came out in compatible. Now, the Japanese developer prepares the optimized version for the new generation of consoles. Death Stranding Director’s Cut will add new content to PS5 and improve its graphics and performance. It will go on sale on September 24 as a standalone title, although those who have the PS4 edition will be able to update for approximately 10 euros.

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Silent Hill will have to wait until one of the parties officially announces it. However, everything seems to indicate that movements in this direction are taking place. Will we see Norman Reedus living a nightmare between evil rabbits? Time will tell. For now, all that remains is to dream.

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