North Korea criticizes the US for meddling in the Taiwan issue and using the island as a “tool to pressure China”

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North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Pak Myong-ho said on Friday that the US generates military tension with China by meddling in the Taiwan issue using the island as an instrument of pressure on the Asian giant, pick up KCNA.

“The US uses Taiwan as tool to pressure China and as an outpost to dominate China in the event of an emergency, although the ‘One China’ policy apparently adheres, “the diplomat pointed out.” Taiwan is an integral part of China. The Taiwan question, from A to Z, belongs to internal affairs from China, “he said.

At the same time, Pak Myong-ho maintained that “indiscreet US meddling on the Taiwan issue it carries the potential danger of unleashing a delicate situation on the Korean peninsula. “

However, “the United States must bear in mind that its reckless interference in internal affairs, its attempt to divide and [la política de] double standard only will lead to tragic consequences [para el propio país estadounidense], raising an ax to drop it on its own foot, “concluded the senior official.

The North Korean vice foreign minister’s comments came after Joe Biden’s assertion that the US “agrees” to defend Taiwan if it is attacked by China.

This Friday, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki, underlined that Biden’s statements do not represent any change in Washington’s policy of ‘strategic ambiguity’ towards Taipei, which implies the recognition of Beijing as the only legitimate government of China, on the one hand, and the right to maintain special relations with the self-governed island china, on the other.

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