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Not even the Crown was encouraged so much: what is William’s greatest betrayal of Harry

November 4, 2016 is a day that no member of the British royal family will want to remember: Netflix premiered The Crown in your catalog and your image fell apart. Beyond that they could never have the full respect of their subjects, the series created by Peter Morgan ended up ruining certain historical points in his life that still left with open wounds.

In fact, with the exception of Queen Elizabeth, all members of the monarchy have been in charge of expressing their discontent against The Crown. The first to speak was Felipe de Edimburgo, who made his opinions very clear long before he died, then his first-born son, Prince Charles, followed him and later joined by Prince William, who claimed to be very angry with everything expressed by the Serie.

Carlos, Felipe and William were the first to express themselves. Photo: (Getty)

However, the most expensive Netflix fiction is not the great cause of all the dramas in which the Windsors are involved. Beyond the fact that this series did leave many very bad, it is they themselves who, more than once, ruin their own well-being with different attitudes that separate them from their own family and, the greatest example, is Prince William .

Although many imagine that Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, was the villain of this whole story for abandoning his family and, in fact, speaking ill of them in interviews as controversial as the one he had with Oprah, the reality is very different . Is that, according to what was known a few hours ago, it was Lady Di’s eldest son, William, who betrayed his younger brother.

The relationship between the dukes is increasingly distant.  Photo: (Getty)

The relationship between the dukes is increasingly distant. Photo: (Getty)

Omid Scobie, journalist and coatuor of Harry’s biography, Finding Freedom, said that “it was not a coincidence“That the Duke of Cambridge’s aides at Kensington Palace began spreading rumors about the Duke of Sussex’s mental health. “Whether William directed that or not, no one will know, but it came from the office he is head of.”, Commented the expert.

Meghan and Harry were not supported by William.  Photo: (Getty)

Meghan and Harry were not supported by William. Photo: (Getty)

However, it should be noted that, despite how bad this situation looks, it is not the worst betrayal that William would have done to Harry, but there is an even worse one. The bad relationship between the brothers was confirmed in 2019, when the youngest of them, during a tour of South Africa, assured Tom Bradby that he and his brother were “in different ways”And it was in January 2020 when everything ended up being clear.

This is because, when Harry decided to abandon his duties as Royal and the famous Megxit started, William chose to ignore the pains and thoughts of his younger brother and greatly support the crown. On The Crown, when Elizabeth II assumes her post, the Queen Mother does nothing more than tell her that “the Crown won and must always win”And, apparently, this is a norm that passed down generations.

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