Not just Black Widow: Scarlett Johansson had a strong controversy with another movie

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Scarlett Johansson lit the fuse of the bomb that exploded at Disney in the last few things, denouncing that the company did not fulfill its part of the contract by officially launching Black Widow in Disney+. This way, started a judicial war that is already underway And it may have more episodes, as Emma Stone and Emily Blunt could follow in his footsteps and take action on the matter.

It all started on Thursday afternoon when the actress sued the mouse company for releasing the Marvel movie on its platform without her consent, so you are currently losing money, as agreed. Apparently this is just beginning and there will be more news in the next few days, but you may remember that this It is not Johansson’s first scandal in a film.

In mid-2018 the interpreter agreed to be in Rug & Tug, In the role of Dante Gill, a transgender man who was the leader of a prostitution ring. Once the news is announced, various activists and members of the trans community demonstrated against cisgender artists taking trans roles, as they denounce the lack of opportunities in the industry for actors in this sector of society.

After three days, Scarlett left the project for the controversy that had been unleashed on social networks after its confirmation. He did so through a statement that said the following: “Our cultural understanding of transgender people continues to advance and I have learned a lot from the community since I made my first comment on the controversy and now I realize I was insensitive.”.

However, this did not end there. In 2019 the controversy returned for his statement: “As an actress, she should be allowed to play any person, tree or animal”. One more time fell bad in the trans community, but quickly Johansson raised his voice to clarify that the medium As If Magazine edited his words for the click bait and took them out of context. “I continue to support diversity, I want it to reach the industry, and I will continue to fight for projects where everyone can be included”, he assured.

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