Not just wrestling: why you should watch Heels, the new series with Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig

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StarzPlay premieres a new series this Sunday on its streaming platform. The service welcomes you to a unique series called Heels, starring none other than Stephen Amell Y Alexander Ludwig, stars of Arrow Y Vikings respectively. The story revolves around a family of professional wrestlers, although, nevertheless, it offers us a myriad of other questions that are worth analyzing. Here, we tell you more about his script so that you do not miss it in any way.

Heels, a story about wrestling that hides a very deep family tragedy

Heels it is carried out by two brothers who despite their biological bond have opposite personalities. Is about Jack Y Ace SpadeCradle, professional wrestlers must now take over the family business after the death of their father. The truth is that they not only have their differences on a day-to-day basis, but also above the ring. Jack plays the character who is often referred to as ‘heel’ or villain, while Ace brings the ‘face’ to life, regarded as a clean and heroic fighter.

His father was one of the visible faces of a small town Georgia independent professional struggle that resulted in an irreparable loss to both his family and the entire community. Both Jack and Ace are trying to deal with his departure and at the same time direct the fights that he organized. However, they are aware that nothing is the same. And in between there will be room for different conflicts that will arise between the two.

Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig are the stars of Heels (Photo: StarzPlay)

Jack, the eldest, will try to carry out his commitments to the business and the other fighters, while Ace, who perhaps seems the most arrogant and rebellious, is actually the most sensitive and the most tormented by the death of his father. Ace will only look for a way to find himself.

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The interesting thing about Heels is that it plunges us into a universe known to the public, perhaps from having seen it on different television programs, but from a very different and novel perspective. Heels It does not show only or superficially the wrestling business, on the contrary, it takes us into the tragedy of a family that tries to rebuild itself as best it can. That is to say that from the script and the argumentative structure, the series does not disappoint. In fact, it even surprises. It is deep, dramatic and exciting at the same time.

Michael Waldron is in charge of scoring these points. The screenwriter of Loki and of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness He was not only in charge of creating the entire series, also, together with the showrunner Mike O’Malley (Shameless) serves as executive producer.

Not just wrestling: why you should watch Heels, the new series with Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig

Heels’ core team in a recent talk about the series (Photo: StarzPlay)

Meanwhile, the filmmaker’s touch Peter Segal, also from Shameless, can be seen in several of the episodes he directs. Regardless of the length of the scenes, each one invites us to get to know this Georgia community passionate about wrestling. Every detail here is important and Segal aimed a lot at what is not seen with the naked eye. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important elements of Heels. The possibility of reflecting on what is seen and, of course, what each character tells us.

And, in this sense, the cast is also noteworthy. So much Ludwig What Amell They surprise with two extremely different characters from the ones they were composing. In Heels, both build a very intense, tortuous brotherly bond, but one that needs to heal and, there is no doubt, that their connection is special and committed. But, in addition, it accompanies the secondary cast very well, especially, Alison Luff as Staci Spade, Jack’s wife, and who not only tries to deal with all the family conflicts of her husband, at the same time she looks for a way to regain her identity and independence as a woman.

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When Heels premieres on StarzPlay

Not just wrestling: why you should watch Heels, the new series with Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig

Heels premieres this Sunday on StarzPlay (Photo: StarzPlay)

Heels this world premieres Sunday, August 15 on the premium streaming platform STARZPLAY that has a presence in Europe, Latin America and Japan, and on all STARZ platforms in the US and Canada.

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