“Not My Identity: Why I Don’t Identify with Them”

Actor Luis Felipe Tovar Disagrees with Poder Prieto’s Movement Against Racism in the Entertainment Industry

During the Diosas de Plata red carpet event, Luis Felipe Tovar spoke his mind about Tenoch Huerta’s position towards the alleged discrimination that he and other actors have experienced in the entertainment industry due to their skin color. Huerta has joined the Poder Prieto collective, which aims to highlight and eradicate racism in the artistic environment, including Hollywood.

Tovar expressed his disapproval of this initiative led by some of his colleagues as he shared, “I don’t quite understand what they are doing? I have never put labels on myself, and I don’t know why they want to do it?” The 61-year-old actor who has had significant roles in popular movies such as “El callejón de los milagros,” “Todo el poder,” and “Cilantro y perejil” clarified that he never felt marginalized or discriminated against throughout his 40 years of working in the world of acting in Mexico and outside of the country.

Tovar also commented on the criticism received by actors who are against racism. He said, “I believe that one is a prince of his silence, and a slave to his own words. To have a long tongue, you have to have a very short tail.”

Lastly, the actor who recently participated in the drama series “My secret” revealed that he does not fully understand Poder Prieto’s aims for an essential reason. He said, “I don’t know his speeches because his speeches don’t interest me because I don’t identify with them, it’s that simple.”

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In conclusion, Tovar remains firm with his stance against Poder Prieto’s movement against racism in the entertainment industry.

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