Not only La Casa de Papel: other projects in which Jaime Lorente and María Pedraza acted

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In the middle of the premiere of the fifth season of The Money Heist, Jaime Lorente, the actor who plays Denver, released the news that will be father for the first time. After having her first child in the fiction of Álex Pina, whom she named together with Stockholm as Cincinnati, this time a girl will come to real life. According to the Spanish media, it will be called Amaia and her mother is a member of the series Netflix.

It is not your partner in fiction, Esther Acebo, nor the actress Maria Pedraza. It is a costume designer The Money Heist with whom Lorente has had an affair for a few months. Popularly, many followers of the strip believe that the one who is pregnant is Pedraza, who was your partner until January 2021, after several years of courtship. Although Lorente was able to rebuild her life and find love, her fans still miss the artist couple. Therefore, here we tell you three projects they worked on together that you can see again.

+3 projects in which Lorente and Pedraza acted together

3. The Paper House

On 2016, Jaime Lorente and María Pedraza met during the filming of The Money Heist. It was one of the first professional experiences of the actress, who put herself in the shoes of Alison Parker and that rose to fame when the series was incorporated into the Netflix catalog. In the case of the actor, he established himself as one of the great protagonists and to this day he continues to speak with his character. So far, this seemed like a mere coincidence as not even their roles were related to each other.

María Pedraza was Alison Parker in La Casa de Papel (Netflix).

2. Elite

This series is one of the great bets of the Red N platform focused on teen public. During the first season, Pedraza acted as Marina Nunier, while Lorente gave life to Nano Garcia Dominguez. Although production continues and new seasons are already expected, the two artists decided to abandon the project after its first parts. However, their reunion in Elite meant an approach that led them to be in couple.


Marina (María Pedraza) and Nano (Jaime Lorente) in Elite (Netflix).

1. Who would you take to a desert island?

Also available on Netflix, this movie from Jota linares reaffirmed their romance. He played Marcos. She, to Martha. Based on the play of the same name, this production was streamed and went unnoticed. The cast is completed with Pol Monen and Andrea Ros. Not many remember its premiere in 2019, however it is a great movie if you enjoy watching the former couple in action.

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