Not only the Zendal: the other ‘new’ hospitals in Madrid

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In recent months, the Isabel Zendal Nurse Hospital has monopolized all the news. This center built to this In record time to help fight the pandemic, it has been the subject of endless praise – and some criticism and boycotts, too – but, the reality is that the Madrid healthcare and Madrid hospitals are much more than just Isabel Zendal .

Four of the 100 best hospitals in the world in 2021, according to the ranking produced each year by the American magazine Newsweek, are in the Community of Madrid and of the hundred best in Spain, according to this same publication, 15 are from Madrid.

In addition, the Government of the region is immersed in an ambitious plan to comprehensively reform seven of the largest and most important university hospitals, starting with Peace and the October 12 °, and following the Gregorio Marañón, San Carlos Clinic, The princess, Ramón y Cajal Y Child Jesus.

OKDIARIO has spoken with those responsible for the projects in La Paz and on October 12, who have stressed the importance of undertaking these changes in facilities that have become obsolete over the years.

For the deputy director of Management and General Services of La Paz, Ana Gomez Galindo, the comprehensive remodeling of the hospital, built in 1964, was urgent and necessary.

“The facilities have become obsolete and a benchmark hospital such as La Paz and the position it has worldwide can be lost if the buildings do not have a quality to match the health professionals who work in it,” he outlines to this newspaper.

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«La Paz is a Madrid brand and a Spain brand», Adds Gómez, who underlines that it is an optimal moment to undertake the project because it is going to benefit from the European Recovery Funds.

In addition, the deputy director celebrates that, thanks to the Hospital Nurse Isabel Zendal, they will get shorten execution times of the works, which are divided into three phases (the General Hospital, the Maternal-Infant Hospital and, finally, the complementary services building and the Maternity Tower), because it will serve as healthcare support during its realization.

“Isabel Zendal will be a support to shorten the times, which will help us to attract more European Funds from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism,” he says. The Madrid Executive estimates that the budget for the material execution of this work will be 504 million euros.

A total of 1,159 beds, 675 consultations, 253 emergency rooms and 50 operating rooms will form part of the new La Paz Hospital, which will remain in its current location where it has “privileged” communications and which will see its surface increased by a 72%.

In addition, other reforms will be carried out in hospitals that also belong to La Paz such as the Carlos III or the Cantoblanco.

The pandemic has forced a review of the plans so that everything is adapted in case a circumstance of these characteristics should occur again. “With the pandemic we have realized that buildings have to be completely flexible,” Gómez explains to OKDIARIO.

“Facilities have to be resilient and able to adapt to critical circumstances at peak times of demand,” he adds.

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Something that they have also taken into account in the ‘new’ October 12. As explained by the deputy director of technical management of the center, Ana Cabrero López, the project has been reviewed and it has been reinforced, especially with regard to medicinal gases.

The air renewal, circuit separation and individual ICU units, although Cabrero assures that they were issues that were already taken into account before the pandemic broke out.

In the case of October 12, a center with almost half a century of history, the support of Isabel Zendal will not be necessary while the works are undertaken, says the Director of Management Jose Nieves, since the current facilities are going to be abandoned and it will be built in what is now a car park, so “not an iota of care capacity will be lost.”

«Our care capacity will not be impaired at all», He insists. The works are expected to begin at the end of next August and to conclude in 2024 with a budget of 252 million euros, also linked in part to European recovery funds.

The remodeling of this center, which has almost half a century of history, began in 2006 with the construction of the Technical Facilities Building and continued in 2011 with the start-up of the Outpatient Activities Center.

Thus, La Paz and October 12 are just the beginning of the autonomous government’s firm commitment to modernizing its large public hospitals, which has begun to resume after the stoppage caused by the pandemic.

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