Not respecting animals contributed to covid-19, says ethologist at FIL of Mexico

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Guadalajara (Mexico), Nov 29 (EFE) .- Lack of respect for animals and their habitat led to covid-19 and other epidemics in the world, said the English ethologist Jane Goodall on Monday during her participation in the Mexican International Fair of the Guadalajara Book.

“It was our lack of respect that has led to the pandemic and other epidemics because we hunt animals, we bring them closer to people, because we are invading their environment, we trade them around the world and we have created conditions that make it easier for their viruses to pass on to people, “he said at a conference.

As part of the FIL Ciencia program, the ethologist – a person who studies the behavior of animals in their natural environments, in a free situation or in laboratory conditions – spoke remotely with young people, who questioned her about the care of nature and the mission of scientists in a world where global warming is a reality.

The scientist, recognized for her work with chimpanzees in Tanzania and a peace messenger for the United Nations, assured that the lack of knowledge of nature and the abuse of humans towards animals has also resulted in the loss of diversity and climate change.

He added that part of this destruction is due to people in a desperate search to produce more food or to exploit coal for greater resources.

He urged to seek relief from poverty and also other ways of producing so that there is less invasion of natural habitats to turn them into agricultural areas.

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Before the packed Juan Rulfo audience, Goodall defended the idea that all animals have intelligence and their own personality and therefore can feel suffering, a theory that some scientists took time to accept.

“What we have learned from animal intelligence is truly admirable and it is not only a matter of chimpanzees or apes with big brains, or whales, but now we know that even some birds are very intelligent like crows” , he assured.

He called on young people not to lose hope due to the pessimistic news they see every day regarding the destruction of the planet, as it is important to generate change projects and join with other people who are working to save animals.

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