Not to believe! Michelle Pfeiffer refused to participate in an iconic production

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Not to believe!  Michelle Pfeiffer refused to participate in an iconic production

In the early 80s and 90s the name of Michelle Pfeiffer It was heard among the favorites of directors and producers in Hollywood looking for the perfect blonde for their films. Back then, arguably, it was the actress’s heyday, but even with all her fame refused to participate in a famous production for an unusual reason.

This is how he made it known Michelle Pfeiffer in an interview he recently gave with The New Yorker. When Jonathan Demme was in pre-production on “The silence of the inocents“He proposed to the actress to be part of the cast. After all, he had brought her to fame with “Married to Everyone,” but she gave a firm and forceful response.

As he said, he found the film too wicked and uncomfortable, so he did not hesitate to set his limits and not participate in the movie, considered an icon in the seventh art industry. “With ‘The Silence of the Innocents’ I was fearful. There was so much evil in that movie. What I regret the most is having missed the opportunity to make another movie with Jonathan Demme. I was uncomfortable with the ending. I did not want to show that to the world, “he said. Michelle Pfeiffer.

That way “The silence of the inocents”Continued its course and the role that was first offered to Michelle Pfeiffer ended up being for Clarice Starling. This actress won an Oscar, while Jodie Foster won a Golden Globe and to this day it remains one of her most iconic roles.

After the refusal of Michelle Pfeiffer After joining the project, “El Silencio de los Inocentes” premiered in 1991 and was received with good eyes by critics. That year he took home five Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Leading Actress and Best Leading Actor for the Outstanding Anthony Hopkins.


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