Notebooks with GeForce GPU: Lenovo distributes important BIOS updates

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Lenovo provides BIOS updates for the first of its own notebooks with GeForce graphics chips, which reactivate the acceleration of the H.264 codec. The manufacturer had switched this off unannounced with previous versions, which only became apparent when the notebooks crashed: Software that relies on the codec, such as Nvidia’s Shadowplay (in the setting with accelerated H.264) or the Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS), refused the service. Less noticeable, but important for notebooks, is the power consumption when playing videos that use H.264 for compression.

On the BIOS updates alerted a Lenovo forum administrator. About the Support page, the first executable downloads for Legion notebooks are available, which automatically install the updates via Windows 10. The Legion 5 Pro-16ACH6H, Legion 5-15ACH6H, Legion 5 17ACH6H and Legion 7-16ACHg6 – all with GeForce GPUs and mobile processors from AMD. Noticeable: Lenovo doesn’t even mention the problem with the H.264 codec in the changelog.

Upon request, Lenovo confirmed that all affected notebooks should receive appropriate BIOS updates. The manufacturer did not send a quotable statement even a month after we contacted us.

It is therefore still suspected that the deactivation is related to the patent dispute between Lenovo and Nokia up to the beginning of 2021, which dealt with the H.264 acceleration and has meanwhile led to a sale of Lenovo PCs in Germany.


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