Nothing was saved! Katy Perry relentless against Orlando Bloom’s style

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Next to Ryan Reynolds And his wife, Blake Lively, another of the couples who most enjoy making jokes on social networks is made up of Katy Perry Y Orlando Bloom. Recently it was the turn of the British actor, who was trolled by the famous singer and nothing was saved to criticize his outfit on Instagram.

It all started when Bloom took her feed on the social network to share with her millions of followers a series of photos connecting with nature. However, his wife and other celebrities looked at other elements beyond the landscape: the outfit he chose to pose for the camera.

Without paying much attention to the substance of the message that the actor wanted to send, Katy Perry He commented: “Baby, can you take the dogs out to urinate? I’m busy on a call ”. The comment could frankly be part of a sweet revenge, after he responded in a similar way to photos of her on the cover of a magazine.

But Katy was not the only one, as other Hollywood actresses such as Gwyneth Paltrow joined the trolling against Orlando Bloom and wrote: “What are we going to look for here, just to be clear?” While he replied in the kindest way possible: “@gwynethpaltrow just lightening the mood lol.”

When the “Roar” singer shared the photoshoot she did for a magazine cover on Instagram, her daughter’s father let it be known with a bit of irony that he was not ready for the trivia of Katy Perry. “Love, can I have a coffee? That jetlag didn’t do me much good, ”the British actor replied to the singer’s question about which option was best for him and obviously sparked comments from fans.


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