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Now available: The c’t special issue with Disinfec’t 2021/22 is here

If Windows goes nuts, a Trojan horse behind the scenes could be responsible. Desinfec’t 2021/22 is the best way to track down the malware and not endanger the computer any further. A revised version of the security tool has now been published as a DVD supplement to the special edition c’t Wissen.

The booklet is now available in the heise shop. the The print version with DVD costs 14.90 euros (postage free up to and including 9/28). The digital version including download costs 12.99 euros. The magazine plus the digital version is available for 19.90 euros. Also is the PDF output on a USB stick (19.90 euros, postage free until October 2nd), from which Desinfec’t starts directly. From 9/21 the magazine will be at the kiosk.

The special edition c’t Wissen Desinfec’t 2021/22 is also available as a PDF available on a USB stickfrom which the security tool starts directly.

The security tool comes with four virus scanners from Avast, Eset, F-Secure and Sophos. You can use it to scan Windows PCs and render viruses harmless. The great peculiarity of the tool is that it has its own live system based on Linux, which starts instead of Windows. This has the advantage that a Trojan cannot cause any further damage in an inactive Windows.

Desinfec’t starts directly from DVD or from a USB stick. Due to the simple user interface with understandable icons, even computer beginners should be able to hunt for viruses with the tool. The easiest way to do this is with the easy scan mode. In this, the system starts a scan directly and nothing distracts from it. If things get stuck, call the family admin for help via the integrated TeamViewer client.

Desinfec’t 2021/22 can do much more than just chase viruses. You can use it to build your own virus scanner or rescue accidentally deleted data.

For professionals, Desinfec’t brings the open threat scanner and the Thor Lite scanner. This allows you to build your own virus scanner using Yara rules, among other things. With additional expert tools, you can restore photos that you thought were lost or bring important data such as final theses to a safe place on a Windows computer that no longer starts.

If you want to get everything out of Disinfec’t, gets the two-part webinar “Disinfec’t for professionals” as a video recording for 179 euros. The special issue with Desinfec’t 2021/22 is available free of charge on top for buyers of the recordings.

So that Desinfec’t 2021/22 also recognizes current threats, there will be free signature updates for the virus scanners until October 2022. We have also optimized the security tool in many areas, implemented the optional Linux kernel 5.13 for operation on brand new hardware and installed the Windows registry editor Fred 0.2.

Don’t be surprised: Desinfec’t always appears twice a year. Once in spring with the regular c’t for all subscribers and buyers of the magazine and in autumn as a revised supplement to a c’t special. This is where you will find all the updated Desinfec’t articles collected. Among other things, you can read there how to scan Windows with the system, build your own virus scanner and how to boot it from the network via PXE.


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