Now yes: You can now hide chats on WhatsApp and forget about it without having to leave

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Just last week we gave you some tips to ‘leave’ a WhatsApp group without actually leaving. And the thing is that sometimes, for whatever reason, you can’t / want to leave the group, but you don’t want to read what they send either. To do? Well, use what WhatsApp has released, and forget about those conversations that you just want to ignore.

Hide WhatsApp chats and forget you

So far in tests in the WhatsApp Beta version, it turns out that like many other novelties, Facebook has activated the Vacation mode – or at least one of its functions – silently. And it is that what has been our surprise when we open WhatsApp a while ago -the normal version that you download from the Google Play Store or the App Store, not the Beta- and find that the function of hiding a chat is already operational.

We already told you that a trick for that WhatsApp group that gets on your nerves is to silence it and then archive the chat. The problem with archiving is that, if people keep writing, it appears again at the top of your conversation list, and even if you don’t go in to read it, you must archive it again.

Holiday mode

After several years in development, the Holiday mode does the following:

Once you have the function available in your WhatsApp, you will see that Archived chats are moved to the top of the conversation list under one heading: ‘Archived Chats’. If you touch this option you will be able to enter and see all the listed conversations that you decided to archive, and also another tab called ‘Notifications’: Here you have 2 different options:

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– Notify new messages: Activated by default so that you know who writes to you even if you have it archived, if you decide to deactivate this function, you will be activating the Vacation mode, so archived chats will remain in the archive when new messages arrive and you will not know about it.

– Automatically hide inactive chats: it is an extension of vacation mode. When enabled, If a chat is older than 6 months, it will be automatically archived.

At the moment, we have found that we already have the archived chats section, but not the Notifications section. And in a test WhatsApp group in which more than 80 messages were sent today, having that chat archived, we have not seen it appear among the day’s conversations or sneak up on the list. In short: it has been hidden.

How to make sure that an archived chat stays hidden? Do this:

  1. open WhatsApp
  2. Look for the three vertical dots icon in the upper right, click and open Settings
  3. Go into Chats
  4. Go down and look for the option ‘Archived Chats’: If you activate it, those conversations that you have archived are hidden and will not bother you anymore. If you remove it, even if the chat is archived, if someone writes in it, you will see it appear in the list of your conversations.


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