Nuclear power: Iranian Bushehr nuclear power plant shut down due to “technical error”

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The Iranian nuclear power plant Bushehr was temporarily shut down due to a “technical error” and taken from the power grid. The Iranian Atomic Energy Agency (AEOI) announced on Monday night. At first there was no more detailed description of the problem.

The nuclear power plant will go back online in the next few days when the technical defect has been resolved, announced the AEOI. The International Atomic Energy Agency has apparently not yet received any notification.

Bushehr is in the south of Iran. The nuclear power plant currently consists of a VVER-1000/446 reactor and was built with Russian help. It has a net electrical output of 915 MW. Shortly before it went into operation in 2011, the system was attacked with the help of the Stuxnet computer malware.

Last week there were problems in a nuclear power plant south of the Chinese city of Taishan. Five fuel rods are said to be damaged. However, there should not be a leak.


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