Nuki presents the third generation of smart door locks

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The Austrian manufacturer Nuki has been a fixture in the smart home sector with its motorized locks for years. Now the company has presented the third generation of its Nuki Smart Lock. Like their predecessors, the Nuki 3 and the Nuki 3 Pro are pushed over the inside door key in the apartment and screwed to the lock cylinder or stuck to the lock cover with adhesive pads. After the lock has been paired with the smartphone via Bluetooth, the door can be opened, locked and unlocked with a fingertip using the Android and iOS app.

There have been some technical and visual changes in both models: The standard Nuki 3 model is roughly the same as the previous Nuki 2 in terms of functionality. So that it no longer looks like a foreign object in the hallway, it is no longer available in black, but in white.

The optionally available WLAN bridge is now also available in white. It connects permanently to the Nuki 3 via Bluetooth and brings it to the Internet. It enables you to access the lock while you are out and about if there is no direct radio connection between the lock and smartphone. The bridge is also required if you want to control the Nuki 3 via Alexa, Siri or the Google Assistant using voice commands.

According to Nuki, around 85 percent of users have also used a bridge so far, which is why the decision was made to integrate the WLAN module into another model called the Nuki 3 Pro. This can be connected directly to the home router and then also allows remote access and the integration of voice assistants.

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The Nuki 3 is available in white. The Nuki 3 Pro comes with a battery pack and you can choose between black and white.

Since WLAN consumes more power than Bluetooth, the Nuki 3 Pro is only available with the otherwise optionally available battery pack with a capacity of 2500 mAh. According to the manufacturer, this should be sufficient for around four months. Then you either charge directly at the door or remove the battery pack in two easy steps. As before, the standard version of the Nuki 3 is powered by four AA batteries. The battery can be retrofitted here.

In addition to the color of the housing, Nuki has also adapted the knob of the lock. It is now made of brushed aluminum and, with its matt sheen, goes a little better with silver door handles and fittings. In addition, the internal transmission should have been revised and work more quietly. In a first quick test, we were able to confirm that the Nuki 3 actually sounds a bit more discreet than its predecessor. The integrated door sensor has been omitted on both models. In the future, Nuki will offer a battery-operated external sensor. It costs 40 euros, but also worked more reliably in our tests than the previous solution.

The Nuki 3 Pro should be available from mid-November for 250 euros. It costs about as much as the previous model together with Bridge. The standard version of the Nuki 3 is said to cost 150 euros and is therefore a little cheaper than the Nuki 2. The bridge is still 100 euros. As with its predecessor, the manufacturer will probably also introduce a discounted bundle in the future. What is certain, however, is that there will be an upgrade program from February 2022, through which owners of previous Nuki models will receive a Nuki 3 at a discount. In June, Nuki announced that, together with its partners, it would be offering entrance doors with built-in, smart access control from autumn.


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