Nuria Roca discusses Tamara Falcó’s wedding and her remarkable attitude towards embracing joy and overcoming obstacles

With summer come those magical sunsets that Nuria Roca enjoys so much.

In addition, now he has been able to see the sunset from the Baños del Carmen spa in Málaga, the backdrop for Atardeceres Larios, an act that will be in the Andalusian city until July 6 and that combines music, fun and friends.

Together with Raquel Meroño, María Esteve and Antonio Pagudo, she has lived this experience with which she kicks off a summer that promises to be unforgettable since she will disconnect with her husband, Juan del Val, and with her three children, Juan, Pau and Olivia, after the eldest has spent a year studying in the United States.

In addition, next Saturday, July 8, she has the first big event of the season, the wedding of Tamara Falcó, with whom she maintains a beautiful friendship.

The presenter tells us about all these plans, her family life and the projects for the next season.

Nuria RocaThese are Nuria Roca’s secrets for a healthy summerThe fan moment of Nuria Roca and her three children with Rosalía- You have been in Malaga enjoying magical moments in Larios Sunsets. How have you lived this experience?

– It was the second year that I went and the truth is that the experience is fantastic. I mean, it was all a discovery. The organization of the Larios Sunsets, getting to know the spa, the company, the friends I have made. It has been very fun and very cool.

– We have seen you enjoying the concerts…

– Yes, in the Larios Sunsets I was able to enjoy Antonio Carmona’s concert, it looks like I have interviewed him several times and have coincided with him, but there was no I have never been to a concert of his and I was very excited and I enjoyed it a lot. La bien querida was also there, who is a very close friend of mine and has a concert next Tuesday that has sold everything. I listened to music with which I identify myself a lot.

– Was it there, at the Atardeceres Larios, where you met Antonio Banderas?

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– Exactly. Yes, sir, because Antonio was also recording for Larios. And nothing, had never coincided with him. And well, I found it absolutely charming. Naturally he is even more handsome. And I also met his girl. Very cool, very good. I had a very fan moment, yes.Continue reading the story

– What is your perfect plan to enjoy a summer afternoon?

-I think that you have to be in good company and if it can be listen to music that you like and have a drink. Maybe not even think about anything, you know? In other words, disconnect. And I really want it, because it is true that the sunset is something I only enjoy when I’m on vacation. I associate the sunset only with really beautiful and unique moments. This year I have enjoyed the Larios Sunsets in Malaga and I loved it. It is also true that the place – El Balneario de los Baños del Carmen – is so beautiful… wonderful.

-Nuria Roca shows the backstage of ‘El Hormiguero’: this is how people live the minutes before going liveNuria Roca- Come on, that next year you can repeat, right?

– Well, if I can repeat next year, of course, it’s more, I thought: this place is so beautiful, this spa, that if I have to get married again I would get married over there. So beautiful that I loved it.

– You are in a very good professional moment. LaSexta has renewed La Roca and Pablo Motos counts on you again for the next season of El Hormiguero. How are you living it?

– I’m living it very well because I’m doing what I like. That is a luxury. It is a luxury that the people who trust you and the public support you. It is a very sweet moment because you are not always in this moment. So good, enjoying it and thanking you.

– Do you have any other project in hand?

– We return with our batteries charged for the third season of La Roca and the 18th season of El Hormiguero. I have many advertising commitments that also require time, so life doesn’t give me. What I am going to do now is disconnect the phone in the summer if I can and then in September I will try to do as I have done this year, which is that on Mondays I am not there for anyone and from then on I work every day.

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– How do you present yourself? summer?

– We’re all going together in the middle of July to Menorca and we’ll be there until the end of the month. And then we would like to go down to Cádiz for a week too if we can and that’s it. I also really want to be home. I don’t feel like making long trips, I reserve that more for Christmas or Easter. Now I feel like resting and disconnecting.

-A waltz without the boyfriend! Nuria Roca and Juan del Val share a fun anecdote about their weddingNuria Roca- And enjoy Tamara Falcó’s wedding, right?

– Also, we don’t have anything left. Next Saturday we are there giving it our all.

– Juan del Val, your husband, has said that he was going to wear a cream-colored suit. I don’t know if you can advance us something about your guest dress…

– The thing about Juan is a lie. It’s to scare Tamara. He is going to go with a spectacular suit from the same tailor who made the suits for Tamara’s father, Carlos Falcó. I can tell you that I am going to go very myself. There is going to be a lot of color.

– You have gotten along phenomenally with Tamara Falcó. Did you give her any advice when she had to face the problem of her wedding dress? -The truth is that it is not necessary to give Tamara much advice, because Tamara has a wonderful attitude towards life. She has a wonderful talent both to enjoy and to face difficulties. And you don’t have to tell her much, the truth is, I think she manages everything very well. I have thought about it many times, it does not have to be easy to be Tamara with everything she has to manage, but she does everything with a smile.

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– How would you define Tamara in short distances?

– Well, a bit like I just told you. say. I think she has a great attitude towards life and that saves you from everything. She has a great sense of humor and takes great care of people, which for me is something very important. I like people who care about others, who are aware of the rest, and Tamara has that. Nuria Roca- I don’t know if she has told her colleagues about any detail of her dress or she wears everything very discreetly- I think you know more than me. This I guarantee. But I will tell you that I am convinced that she is going to look very pretty and very happy. She looks satisfied with her outfit and that is very important. I am convinced that it will give her self-confidence and she will wear it very well.

– Are your children going to the wedding?

– No, it is a wedding of colleagues- A few days ago your three children accompanied you to El Hormiguero to see to Rosalia. How do they experience your work and popularity? – Well, the truth is that they don’t pay much attention to us. In other words, Rosalía has to come so that they know where we work. They pass us by a lot.

– Are you coping well with the passage of time and that your children grow up so quickly?

– I experience it as a very beautiful stage because you have a different type of relationship with your children. It is also true that since I have them of different ages, because while one is already much more independent, the other continues to claim you. But you do realize that time passes very quickly and that everything is over. So it gives me a little bit of nostalgia, of course.

– You don’t stop working and Juan del Val has a new book on the verge of candy…

– Yes,…

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