Nuro’s autonomous delivery truck gets an airbag for pedestrians

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The startup Nuro has presented a new model of its autonomous delivery vehicle. An airbag installed at the front of the vehicle is new. It is designed to mitigate the impact force and thus the possible injuries to pedestrians. However, so that collisions with these or cyclists do not occur in the first place, the new delivery boat is narrower than its predecessor.

In late 2020, Nuro became the first company in California to receive approval to operate an automated commercial delivery service. The previous self-developed robot models managed a top speed of 40 km/h, the new model of the third generation should be able to reach a good 70 km/h, informed Nuro. In August, the company announced plans to build a test track and production facility in Nevada.

The compartments in the delivery robot hold around 24 shopping bags, which together can weigh up to 110 kg. The compartments can be cooled down to -5 °C or heated up to 46 °C as required. The batteries of the all-electric delivery robot are charged 100 percent from Texas wind power, assures Nuro. The vehicle also got a new, larger touchscreen for customer communication.

The sensors should enable an all-round view. For example, they should be able to distinguish between a pile of leaves and a pet and even identify the number of people in a group in the fog. The robot can also clean its own sensors.

In addition, the delivery robot should not only be able to move safely in traffic, Nuro says it has developed a system to protect the transported goods. Like the entire driving system, this early detection system is continuously checked by an internal team of experts.

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