NVIDIA Introduces DLAA, an Anti-Alising Technology Using Deep Learning

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NVIDIA has made official the compatibility of its RTX graphics cards with the technology DLAA (Deep Learning Anti-Alising), a New Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing Improves Video Game Image Quality.

After the well-known DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), which reconstructs an image in lower resolution to offer it at higher resolution without sacrificing performance, it is time to welcome another post-processing technique through use of graphical resources and with machine learning artificial intelligence to eliminate those recurring Sawtooth of a multitude of works.

The result is, never better said, evident; at the same time as advantageous, as it not only makes the modeling contours or the drawing distance more refined, but it does not use GPU resources for this technology, thus alleviating the stress peaks of the graphics card.

The Elder Scrolls Online, now DLAA compliant; ZeniMax celebrates the results

Broadly speaking, DLAA uses the same cores Tensor than DLSS, which are built into the 20XX and 30XX series of NVIDIA RTX graphics cards. It should be said, however, that Deep Learning Anti-Alising does not reconstruct image quality by increasing resolution (DLSS) but rather takes advantage of this artificial intelligence to gain extra image quality while maintaining native resolution Of the same.

The Elder Scrolls Online It is the first game to take advantage of DLAA and is, as of this September, compatible with this technique on RTX cards. In statements of Rich Lambert, Creative Director at ZeniMax Online Studios, “NVIDIA DLAA improves our game considerably, offering the best anti-aliasing results seen to date in Elder Scrolls online ”.

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Hopefully, in the future, other titles will be added to the list and thus offer optimized overall performance. Artificial intelligence through Deep Learning can become one of the optimal futures for many titles and, especially, less powerful equipment.

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