NVIDIA justifies listing peaks with revenue and profit peaks

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NVIDIA Corporation is a semiconductor manufacturer, pioneer in GPU-accelerated computing. It has built platforms that target four markets: gaming, professional visualization, data center, and automotive. Their offerings include the NVIDIA DGX AI supercomputer. The shortage of the semiconductor market worldwide has benefited Nvidia, especially because of the versatility of its chips that can be used for the automotive, video game or bitcoin mining sector, among others.


NVIDA has already closed its fiscal third quarter 2022, closed on October 31, 2021 and has done so with record revenue of $ 7.10 billion, up 50% from the previous year, 9% more than the previous quarter and against a forecast of the company itself of $ 6.8 billion. This spectacular revenue growth has been driven primarily by record numbers from the company’s gaming, data center and professional display marketplace platforms.

Gross margin rises to 67%, from 66.7% in the second quarter and strongly exceeding its own estimate of 65.2%.

EBITDA closes the third quarter at $ 3.38 billion, + 10% vs. the previous quarter and + 70% when compared to the same period last year. NVIDA thus closed its third quarter with a net profit of no less than $ 2.97 billion, improving by 13% the second quarter, + 62% vs 3Q of a year ago and against a goal of $ 2.8 billion that had been set.


Looking to the end of the full fiscal year 2022, the market anticipates a net result of $ 10,461 million, which would be a boost of 66.7% from the figures of a year ago. For sales, the market anticipates growth of + 54.4%, up to $ 25,752, with an improvement in EBITDA of 124.7%, to $ 12,922 million.

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Nvidia is undoubtedly a leader in its technology and is leading the way in the sector. The excess demand or shortage of supply of semiconductors is driving the results of this company and although in the long term an increase in capacity is expected in the industry and a moderation in the shortage of supply, for the moment and for the next two years at least, the Demand will continue to overflow and drive product prices higher. And it is that the growth and momentum of the global economy will go hand in hand with the increase in capacity in the production of chips. Nvidia also has a robust and solvent balance sheet that will allow it to face investments, innovation and growth.

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